Top Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Gravestone Granite Statue

Posted on: 12 November 2019

Picture this. You spend a lot of money on a grave granite statue to act as a tangible reminder of a loved one that recently passed. However, on the anniversary of their funeral, you go back to a dilapidated and dirty granite statue that doesn't represent the loved one in the grave. This is what happens to most people since they forget graveyard statues also need cleaning and adequate maintenance to withstand the test of time. While there are service providers who deal specifically with cleaning granite statues, it is an activity you can conduct on your own. This article provides tips on how to go about cleaning and maintaining a tombstone granite statue.   

Always Remove Excess Debris First

The first thing you should do before you start cleaning a graveyard granite statue is to remove excess debris. The reason is that the granite statues are exposed in the open; therefore, dust and all manner of debris will accumulate in every crevice. If you go ahead and start cleaning without removing excess debris, the chances are that you will spend a substantial amount of time cleaning. Using a wire brush, scrape off dust and mould if there are any. Make sure you target every inch of the statue for a thorough pre-cleaning procedure. Once you are done, use a piece of cloth to dust off the statue and make it ready for the next stage.   

Do a Patch Test with Hydrogen Peroxide

Although granite is one of the most durable materials, it is prone to mould, and the best way to remove the mould it is to clean the statue with hydrogen peroxide. However, a common mistake people make is failing to do a patch test on the small portion of the granite statue to establish the right concentration. Notably, highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide discolours granite and leaves a weird look on the statue. Therefore, by conducting a test patch, you eliminate the possibility of discolouring the expensive granite statue. Most importantly, ensure that you do a test patch on the least visible spot, such as the back or the bottom of the statue.  

Seal Granite Statue to Prevent Future Stains

Once you are done cleaning, you can leave the statue as it is and schedule another cleaning session after a while. However, if you want to prevent future stains, you must apply a sealant on your loved one's granite statue. The sealant prevents stains from seeping into the porous stone. That said, you need to be careful when dealing with granite sealants because some types of granite such as black granite get damaged and will look as if they are stained when, in actuality, they aren't. The best approach is to consult a professional when you want to seal a granite statue.     

For more information on statues, reach out to a company that sells them.


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