A Complete Guide to Retirement Communities

Posted on: 1 March 2019

Once you retire, you should consider joining a retirement community. Retirement communities are facilities designed to offer independent and assisted living services to seniors. This excerpt provides a brief on retirement communities. 

The benefits of joining a retirement community

The main benefit of living in a retirement community is that you enjoy the company of other seniors. Additionally, retirement communities offer services such as:

  • Housekeeping. Staff at the facility will perform household chores such as cleaning the house, doing laundry and house shopping.
  • Medical care. Some retirement communities have visiting doctors that check up on the health of residents. Others have a full-time medical staff that takes care of residents.
  • Recreation. Residents in retirement communities are free to form social clubs such as book clubs. Age-friendly games such as tennis, golf, swimming and chess are also available.
  • Retirement communities also provide meals to residents. 

Types of retirement communities

Continuing care retirement communities admit independent individuals but provide higher levels of nursing care when needed. In an independent living facility, seniors live in their own homes. Housekeeping services may or may not be available. Retirement villages refer to housing complexes designed to accommodate seniors. You pay a membership fee to enjoy facilities such as libraries, tennis courts and golf courses. Some villages also offer housekeeping services. Assisted living facilities provide both nursing and housekeeping services to residents. They are a preferable option for retirees that are unable to live independently due to age or illness. In a rental village, you live in a self-contained house which you can rent on a monthly or weekly basis. Services in this type of community are limited. Nursing homes provide specialised care for seniors with diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease and dementia that require frequent medical attention. 

Choosing a retirement community

Below are some tips to help you choose a retirement community.

  • Accessibility. Choose a facility that is close to your friends and family. In such a way, your kids, grandchildren and friends can regularly visit you.
  • Budget. Plan your finances to ensure you can afford the various services offered in the retirement community.
  • Health. If you have a long-term or chronic illness, you are better off living in a community that provides access to medical care.
  • Lifestyle. Some retirement communities accommodate members of specific groups. For instance, you may find communities designated for former teachers, trade unionists and particular religions.

Retirement communities offer a wide range of services including housekeeping, recreation and nursing to ensure the comfort of seniors. When choosing a retirement community, consider its accessibility, costs, your health and lifestyle. 


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